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Our Experience And Connections As An Overseas Print Broker Assures You High-Quality, Low-Cost Printing


Artful Dragon is a U.S. based overseas wholesale print broker that works with Asian printing companies. Work with us and you'll get high-quality offshore printing services and products at wholesale prices.


Clients worldwide come to us to coordinate the purchase of print products on their behalf.


Artful Dragon Press is a huge ‘buyer’ of Asian printing products. We have long-term relationships with the best Asian printing companies. Based on this, we can provide clients with the best pricing and quality anywhere in the world.


You will know exactly what you will get when the project is completed because we provide proofs and binding dummies on all overseas print projects for pre-print-run approval.


We also provide a 100% unconditional guarantee. There is nothing to fear when we are looking after your Asian printing needs.


Client References Are Available On Request – We have a long list of client references. Most of our clients become long-term repeat clients because of our pricing and the quality of our brokerage services. We can provide you with lots of references... just ask!





Dealing with Asian printing companies can be a good experience or a bad one depending on the print broker services you receive. Artful Dragon Press is an experienced print broker that offers the following advantages:

Excellent pricing – Asian printing companies can save as much as 30 percent compared to printing in the U.S. The amount of savings is driven by product complexity and quantity. Generally, the more labor is required, the higher your savings. We include all shipping, customs and delivery expenses in our pricing, so there are no surprises for our clients. Excellent Quality – It takes years of research and experimentation to find reliable printers overseas that can produce high-quality products. Artful Dragon Press has done this research. We have a network of reliable printing vendors in Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, and India. Office in Shenzhen China - For Faster, More Reliable Service – A lot of our printing is done in China so we maintain an office in Shenzhen to allow us to monitor the vendors closely and facilitate the production and shipping processes.​​ Deep Insight Into Overseas Printing Companies Gained Through Experience – Asian printing companies have strengths and weaknesses. With more than two decades of experience, we know what orders should go to which factories to get the best result for our clients. Excellent Service Due To Our Huge Buying Power – If you go to Asian printers as an individual company, it will be difficult to get satisfactory terms and product guarantees. Language can also be a barrier. Since Artful Dragon Press brings hundreds of thousands of dollars of business to Asian printing companies every year, we are able to get the absolute best prices, terms, and product guarantees for our clients. Our Office Is Open 24/7 – When it is night-time in the U.S. it is day-time in Asia. This means you could lose several days in communicating with the factory if you send messages during the daytime in the U.S. Since we operate 24/7 we can get your message to the factory quickly, during their working hours. Shipping And Customs Experts – It is difficult to find a reputable firm that is up to speed on U.S. customs laws. There are so many options and things that can go wrong in shipping that shipping itself can be a specialization. Artful Dragon Press has been doing both of these things for years. We know the rules, we know who to talk to and we know how to get the best rates and services for shipping.

Your Privacy is assured. Click here to learn more about our Terms of Service.

What Are The Best Products To Print Overseas?

China & Asian Printing Companies Are Especially Suited For The Following Print Products:

Book printing (hardcover and softcover) Large print books Children's book printing Calendar and catalog printing Journal, diary, booklet and notebook printing Cookbook printing Magazine and brochure printing Containers, stickers and decal printing Gift bags, games, boxes and packaging





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For more information and to learn how we can get tremendous savings for you, Get An Asian Printing Quote from Artful Dragon for the production of your next book, calendar, catalog or another printing project. We'll show you how to get better quality printing and service by using our Asian printers or other international printing companies.

If you want to discuss your overseas printing project contact us by e-mail:

As a U.S. based print broker, Artful Dragon provides quality printing for books, catalog, brochure, calendar, four color printing, etc. in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and other Asia based countries using reliable, high quality Asian and Chinese printers.

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Today I received the 8 sample decks. The quality is absolutely exquisite. Every little detail seems to be perfect. from today's review they are incredibly well done! I'm very grateful to each of you. Please accept my humble thanks -- Bernadette King

"I could not be happier. Soyoung has been great and the product itself is very good. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to print in Asia. It is very hard these days to find a firm as competent as yours.” -- Christina