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Soul Liberty CMYK Printing for Arts & Literature

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hardcover Art Book
Minimum Order Quantity: 500
Price: 2-5 USD
Packaging Details: packed in export carton with 16kg limiated
Delivery Time: 3 weeks
Payment Terms: 1/3rd with order, 1/3rd upon approval of proofs and 1/3rd upon receipt of advance copies.
Supply Ability: 10000 sets per day
Detail Information
Size: Customized Binding: Smyth Sewn; Hardcover Binding
Inner Pages: Art Paper Inner Pages Finish: Glossy
Packaging: Standard Export Carton MOQ: 500pcs
Color: CMYK Cover Material: Paper
High Light:

Literature CMYK Printing


Arts CMYK Printing


Soul Liberty CMYK Printing

Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing our exquisite Hardcover Art Book Printing service, where your artistic visions and literary works transcend the ordinary and become timeless pieces. Our custom-sized art books are not merely publications but treasures that encapsulate the grandeur of Arts Literature, the sophistication of Artistic History, and the essence of the creative spirit bound within the pages. Our service is designed for artists, historians, galleries, and connoisseurs who wish to immortalize their works or collections in a form befitting their value.

The product name itself, Hardcover Art Book Printing , speaks of quality and durability. We understand that the presentation of your art book is as crucial as the content it holds. Therefore, we offer a variety of customization options to ensure that your book is as unique as the artwork it showcases. Our bespoke approach means that the size of the book is tailored to your specific needs, whether it's a compact volume that invites intimate viewing or a large-scale edition that makes a bold statement.

Binding is the backbone of any art book, and our Smyth Sewn binding ensures that your book not only lays flat when opened but also stands the test of time. This method, known for its strength and durability, involves sewing the pages together in sections, which are then further reinforced with fabric backing and adhesive. It's a traditional technique that adds a touch of elegance and an assurance of longevity, allowing the pages to turn smoothly and maintain their integrity even after repeated use.

To complement the sturdy Smyth Sewn binding, our art books feature hardcover binding , which provides an additional layer of durability and an upscale appearance. The hardcover not only protects the precious pages within but also offers a generous canvas for the book's title and art. It's an invitation to the reader to delve into the rich world of Arts Literature and Artistic History that awaits them. Our cover material is a high-quality paper that can be customized with various finishes, ensuring that the first impression of your art book is as impactful as the content it holds.

The inner pages of our art books are just as important as the covers. We use premium art paper for the interior, which is known for its excellent print quality and ability to reproduce images with clarity, vibrancy, and precision. Whether your book contains high-definition photographs, detailed illustrations, or both, the art paper ensures that every hue and nuance is captured with fidelity. This choice of paper is a testament to our commitment to quality and our understanding of the importance of visual accuracy in the realm of Artistic History and Arts Literature .

Our Hardcover Art Book Printing service is an ideal platform for showcasing a wide array of artistic expressions, from contemporary artworks to historical archives, photography collections to illustrative anthologies. The combination of custom sizing, Smyth Sewn binding, high-quality cover material, and superior art paper makes our art books not just a print product but a work of art in themselves.

In conclusion, whether you're an artist looking to present your portfolio, a historian documenting significant artistic movements, or a curator assembling a landmark exhibition catalogue, our Hardcover Art Book Printing service is tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. By choosing us, you're not just creating a book but crafting a legacy that preserves and celebrates the rich tapestry of Arts Literature and Artistic History for generations to come. Invest in an art book that is as enduring and memorable as the art it immortalizes.



  • Product Name: Hardcover Art Book Printing - Fine Arts Guide
  • Inner Pages Finish: Glossy for premium presentation of Fine Arts Guide content
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 500pcs to bring Fine Arts Guides to a wider audience
  • Size: Customized to fit the specific dimensions of your Fine Arts Guide
  • Cover Material: Durable paper to protect and enhance the Fine Arts Guide's visual appeal


Inner Page:

Soul Liberty CMYK Printing for Arts & Literature 0

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
OEM/ODM Accepted
Inner Pages Art Paper
Printing Offset Printing
Color CMYK
MOQ 500pcs
Cover Material Paper
Packaging Standard Export Carton
Binding Smyth Sewn; Hardcover Binding
Product Name Hardcover Art Book Printing
Cover Finish Matte Lamination


The Hardcover Art Book, originating from China, is a premium product that caters to a variety of occasions and scenarios, highlighting Arts Literature, serving as a Cultural Reference, and epitomizing the essence of a Creative Publication. With its exquisite offset printing and matte lamination cover finish, this art book offers a tactile and visual feast that is both accessible and luxurious. Certified by FSC, DISNEY, BSCI, NBCU, and SEDEX, the Hardcover Art Book assures customers of its quality and ethical production standards.

Designed for a minimum order quantity of 500 and priced competitively between 2-5 USD, this art book is an ideal choice for art galleries and museums looking to provide visitors with a tangible and enriching takeaway. It is perfect for exclusive exhibit openings, retrospectives, and artist feature events, where attendees can purchase a piece of the experience to enjoy at leisure. The art books are carefully packed in export cartons with a 16kg limit to ensure they reach their destination in pristine condition.

The rich CMYK colors and glossy finish of the inner art paper pages make it an attractive coffee-table book for art enthusiasts and collectors. It can be offered in bookstores or as a treasured gift in boutique shops. Additionally, it can be used as a high-end promotional item by companies and institutions to impress clients and partners. With a supply ability of 10000 sets per day, it ensures that even large-scale events are well catered to.

The Hardcover Art Book also serves educational institutions, providing students and educators with a reliable cultural reference that can be used in classrooms or libraries. The payment terms are thoughtful, with one-third due with the order, another third upon approval of proofs, and the final segment upon receipt of advance copies, providing clients with financial flexibility.

Finally, the delivery time of 3 weeks ensures that these art books can be planned for scheduled events and releases. Whether it’s for a gallery opening, a corporate gift, or an educational resource, the Hardcover Art Book stands out as a superior creative publication that champions the beauty of art and literature.



Brand Name: Hardcover Art Book

Place of Origin: China


Minimum Order Quantity: 500

Price: 2-5 USD

Packaging Details: packed in export carton with 16kg limited, ensuring your Fine Arts Guide remains in pristine condition during transit.

Delivery Time: 3 weeks - perfect for bringing the Artistic History to your hands swiftly.

Payment Terms: 1/3rd with order, 1/3rd upon approval of proofs, and 1/3rd upon receipt of advance copies, providing flexibility as you invest in Artistic History.

Supply Ability: 10000 sets per day - keeping your art book collection fresh and up-to-date.

Color: CMYK - ensuring the finest quality print for your Artistic History content.

MOQ: 500pcs - making it accessible for both small and large collectors of Fine Arts Guide publications.

Cover Material: Paper - chosen for its durability and classic appeal, ideal for your Hardcover Art Book.

Binding: Smyth Sewn; Hardcover Binding - premium binding that enhances the longevity and aesthetic of your Fine Arts Guide.

Packaging: Standard Export Carton - to secure your investment in the cultural Artistic History.


Support and Services:

Our Hardcover Art Book Printing product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your satisfaction with the final print. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to assist with any technical issues or questions that may arise during the printing process. We offer guidance on file preparation, color management, and paper choices to ensure that your art book meets your expectations in quality and presentation.

We also provide a variety of services to enhance the end product, such as custom embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and specialty binding options. Our support extends to helping you understand the features and benefits of each service so you can make informed decisions about your art book project.

Quality control is paramount in our process, and we conduct thorough checks at every stage of printing. If any issues are detected, our team will work closely with you to resolve them promptly and ensure that the final product is to your satisfaction.

Please note that our technical support and services are intended to address product-related inquiries and concerns. We are committed to providing a smooth and enjoyable printing experience from start to finish.


Packing and Shipping:

Our Hardcover Art Book Printing product is meticulously packaged to ensure that your beautiful art book arrives in pristine condition. Each book is individually wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap, providing a cushion against any impacts during transit. The wrapped book is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box that is specifically sized to snugly fit your art book, minimizing movement and potential damage. The box is sealed securely with heavy-duty packing tape, and all corners and edges are reinforced to provide extra protection.

Before shipping, we label the package clearly with fragile handling instructions to encourage careful treatment throughout its journey. We select the most reliable shipping carriers to guarantee that your art book is delivered safely and on time. A tracking number will be provided so you can monitor your package's progress until it reaches its destination. With our attention to detail in packaging and shipping, you can trust that your hardcover art book will be handled with the utmost care.



Q1: What is the minimum order quantity for the Hardcover Art Book?

A1: The minimum order quantity for our Hardcover Art Book is 500 copies.

Q2: How much does one Hardcover Art Book cost?

A2: The price range for our Hardcover Art Book is between 2 to 5 USD per copy. The final cost may vary based on specific customization and order volume.

Q3: What are the packaging details for the Hardcover Art Book?

A3: Each Hardcover Art Book is packed in an export carton with a weight limit of 16kg to ensure safe transportation.

Q4: What is the estimated delivery time for an order of Hardcover Art Books?

A4: The delivery time for our Hardcover Art Books is typically 3 weeks after the order confirmation and all necessary approvals.

Q5: What are the payment terms for ordering Hardcover Art Books?

A5: Our payment terms are 1/3rd with the order, 1/3rd upon approval of proofs, and the final 1/3rd upon receipt of advance copies.

Q6: What certifications do your Hardcover Art Books have?

A6: Our Hardcover Art Books come with FSC, DISNEY, BSCI, NBCU, and SEDEX certifications, ensuring compliance with high-quality standards and ethical practices.

Q7: What is the supply ability for the Hardcover Art Books?

A7: We can supply up to 10,000 sets of Hardcover Art Books per day, meeting the needs of both small and large orders efficiently.

Q8: Can I order Hardcover Art Books if I am not located in China?

A8: Yes, we supply Hardcover Art Books globally, as they are made in China and can be shipped to various international destinations.

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