Overseas Printing Costs Less

Why Printing Overseas In China, India, Asia & Indonesia
Makes Sense In Today's Economy

Printing overseas with Asian printing companies and other international printing companies provides superior quality, reliable service and lower prices…these are all the same reasons why many people buy other high-caliber goods from international manufacturers.

International printers like China and Asian printers, are now open to a broad spectrum of printing projects. The evolution of graphic arts technology from mechanical art boards to computer files, e-mail and high-speed data transmission lines has transformed the printing industry, making printing overseas easier and even more affordable than ever before.

A full color printed board book.

Lead free, and environmentally sound, Soy based Inks are used for all of our printing.

Samples of printed calendars in full color.

Printing Overseas Is More Common Than You Think!

Major book publishers have known for decades that they can print high-quality books overseas at tremendous savings and have been printing in Hong Kong and Singapore since the 1950s. (Next time you're in a bookstore, check out where the four-color coffee table, art, travel and children's books were printed.)

State-of-the-Art Equipment & Printing Techniques

Our Asian printers and other overseas printing factories own the same state-of-the-art pre-press equipment, printing presses and bindery systems used by American and European printers. They can accept all of the standard media and graphics software and file formats. So if you can save up to 30% on your printing job without sacrificing quality or service, then why not print using Asian printers or Printers in China and other international markets?

Color Proofs and Advance Copies

You can feel confident about your printing project’s outcome because you’ll see exactly how your final printed piece will look before the final shipment. We eliminate the guesswork by furnishing color proofs, bound dummies and final Advance Copies. This allows you to examine the material and print quality at every step of the process. (Of course, if you look forward to doing press checks in Asia or any of our other International Locations, we can accommodate that too.)

No Hidden Charges or Upcharges When Printing Overseas Through A Broker

All of our pricing is based on full production and door-to-door delivery. Also, you will not be nickel and dimed if you decide to make corrections or revisions after reviewing your proofs.

Artful Dragon Press can provide you with an extensive list of satisfied clients from all over the world.

Various examples of full-color printed calendars.
Examples of full-color printed games and children's activity products.

Eligible Products for Printing Overseas

As an overseas print broker, Artful Dragon Press has decades of experience helping clients to produce virtually any type of product in Asia and other overseas countries including four-color printing projects (in hard and soft cover). Our Asian factories and other international printing factories have successfully created the following high quality printing products:

Printing Overseas Makes Sense

Many of our Western companies that are opening (or have opened) manufacturing plants in Asia, China or India (or are contracting with  manufacturers there) enjoy the convenience of buying international printing from sources close to their local factories.

Get An Asian Printing Quote

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ReliabilitySealAs a U.S. based print broker, Artful Dragon provides quality printing for books, catalog, brochure, calendar, four color printing, etc. in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and other Asia based countries using reliable, high quality Asian and Chinese printers.