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Looking for high quality catalog printers in China?  Ask us for a cheap catalog printing quote from full color catalog printers in China, Asia and Indonesia and you can save up to 30% on full color product catalog printing services overseas.

The cost savings you gain by printing your catalog in China or any other overseas market can be significant on medium to high run quantities.

Artful Dragon Press can show you how to save money without sacrificing quality using low cost catalog printers in places like Singapore, Asia, China, Indonesia, Europe and India.

Various examples of full-color printed calendars.
A full color printed board book.

Cheap High Quality Catalog Printers In China - Typical Formats

Normal Portrait Catalog Printing:

Most catalog printers in China and other overseas markets print product catalogs in portrait format (taller than they are wide) and use a cover paper that is slightly heavier than the text pages. Most printed catalogs will have a laminated cover for durability and gloss. Standard product catalog sizes are in the 8.5” x 11” or 5.5” x 8.5” range.

Self-Cover Catalog Printing:

Full color catalog printing in China may also use the same paper for the cover and the text pages. These self-cover product catalogs are normally printed in portrait format (taller than wide) and the most common sizes are 8.5” x 11” or 5.5” x 8.5”.

Catalog Bindings:

Overseas product catalog printers will bind their printed catalogs in either perfect-bound or saddle stitch binding. Saddle stitching is less costly, but perfect binding is generally considered a higher-quality method for binding printed catalogs.

Examples of two full color printed catalogs.

Only environmentally sound, lead free,
Soy based printing inks are used for all catalog printing.

Open full color catalog showing both front and back covers.

Minimum Product Orders For Cheap Catalog Printers In Hong Kong And China

If the catalog printing is a single color product, you normally need to print at least 10,000 to15,000 catalogs in order to keep the catalog printing cost effective.

If you are printing full color product catalogs in China or Asia, then the savings can occur on quantities as low as 2,500 printed catalogs. It greatly depends on the catalog page count, the binding style and the overall project complexity.

Request a Catalog Printing Quote to see a more detailed breakdown of the minimum print quantity guidelines.

Catalog Printing China Services Terms:

Please consult Artful Dragon's Common High Quality Catalog Printers In China Terms page for more examples of product catalog printing terminology (including glossy magazine printing).

Artful Dragon Press can connect you with excellent overseas low cost catalog printers in China, Asia, Indonesia and other international markets like Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

For more information about full color catalog printing or large size product catalog printers in China, Asia or any other overseas market, please email Artful Dragon Press at Asian and China Catalog Printing Brokers.

Request a Quote For High Quality Catalog Printers In China from Artful Dragon Press and discover how Asian catalog printing companies overseas can save you as much as 30% on full color catalog printing and binding plus large size catalog printing services in medium to high run quantities! Email Artful Dragon's US print brokers at Asian and China Catalog Printing Brokers.

Cheap catalog printing in China and other Asian countries enables you to have high quality, yet still save money.

An example of full color catalog printing with fold out pages.
Fold out Catalog

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