Quick Tips For Cheap Book Printing

Quick Tips For Cheap Book Printing

You can get cheap book printing simply by having your book printed in China or Asia.  It’s easy to save up to 30 percent right off the top AND you get better quality paper, environmentally friendly soy-based inks and FAST turnaround… you’ll have your book within a couple of weeks after the proof is approved.  Proofs can be generated in as little as 48 hours!

If you want to save a little more, knowing how the features of a book will influence its printing cost can be helpful in achieving the lowest possible pricing.

Following are some tips for saving money for book printing. These rules apply regardless of whether you intend to publish 200 or 2,000 books.


Design your Book as a Standard Size

There are specific page sizes that all book printers provide as standard sizes. The following factors define the standard sizes:

  1. a) The type of book printing equipment used by the printer, and
  2. b) The most widely used and easily available paper size.

Designing your page size to fit one of your printer's standard page sizes helps a lot in cheap book printing by reducing waste and optimizing the production of your book.

For example, in the United States, printing books or booklets revolves almost entirely on the standard 8.5" x 11" sheet size. Your printer is likely to provide 8.5" x 11" as one of the basic sizes.

As a result, your printing costs will be the lowest when you design your book to fit this standard size or perhaps another standard size provided by your printer.

Wholesale book printing companies in China and Asia have a lot of flexibility in sizes they can provide at low prices.

Artful Dragon is a book printing broker.  We can help you work through all the details so you get the best possible price and the best quality.

Use Black Ink for the Book's Pages

The vast majority of the time, printing in black ink is more cost-effective than printing in color. This is why many books utilize color just on the outer cover and print the inner pages in black ink. For cheap book printing, the pages should be printed in black ink if the book is mostly text.

Of course, any promotional publications, such as product catalogs, should still be printed in color.

Books that need a high visual appeal, such as photography books or recipes look best when printed in full color. However, if printing the pages in color isn't necessary, black and grayscale printing is by far the most cost-effective option.

Wall Calendars
Product Catalogs

Choose a Lighter Weight of Paper

A lighter-weight version of the same kind of paper will usually cost less than its heavier equivalent when considering it for a print project. Because each book contains many pages, these savings are amplified when it comes to book production.

If all of your book's pages are to be printed in black ink exclusively, for example, you should compare the costs of printing on 50 pound uncoated offset vs 60 pound uncoated offset. Similarly, if you are printing your pages in color, you should consider the cost difference between 80 pound gloss text and 100 pound gloss text.

If your book has a lot of pages, a lighter paper stock may help you save money on shipping and distribution.

Consider The Saddle-Stitch Binding Method

The most cost-effective method of binding a book is saddle-stitching. This popular method involves folding and stacking printed sheets one within the other, then using wire staples to staple through the fold line. The staples are secured between the centermost pages after passing through the folded crease from the outside.

Catalogs, manuals, directories, programs, comic books, coloring books, periodicals, wall calendars, and other multi-page publications are often bound with saddle stitching.

When the page count is low, the saddle-stitch binding technique works well.  Perfect Binding is often used to produce books with a large number of pages. Printing a book with high quality perfect binding is a bit more costly than saddle-stitching, but it is still a low-cost option when you use the cheap book printing services in China or Asia.

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