Save Money On Book Printing
and Binding Services

Save Up To 30% On Book Printing And Binding Books And Other Documents

Artful Dragon print broker services give you access to the top book printing and binding services in the world.  Printing and binding companies in China and Asia have the latest technologies like we do in the USA, but your cost will be about 30 percent less though us.

Since Artful Dragon brings hundreds of thousands of pages worth of printing to these companies every year, even if you have a small order, you will get the same type of pricing as large orders.

The print quality and service are excellent...IF you deal with the right overseas printers and IF you have a printing broker like Artful Dragon that has a firm handle on the myriad customs and shipping details.

The printing company we match you up with will have bookbinding machines that are the most up-to-date on the market.  Their operators have years of expertise in their job and will ensure that your files print cleanly and properly.

Full color corporate brochure sample.
A full color printed board book.

Custom Book Printing And Binding Services

Whether you're publishing a novel, religious book, employee handbook, or cookbook, we will find the perfect binding solution for you.

You can have any type of book binding including perfect binding (paperback binding), hardcover binding, leather binding and plastic coil binding.

High Quality Book Printing At Wholesale Prices

Printing companies specialize in certain types of printing but they try to do everything. Over the years we have learned which printing company will be the best match for your type of project!

We want you to see your end product at the proof stage therefore we provide you with actual press proofs (try to get these in your local market!) and bound book samples!

We provide a complete set of press proofs for all jobs, as well as a bound sample using the exact materials that you specified. Your final job will not be printed until you have approved the press proofs. In addition, either we or one of our associates can be at the press check.

Artful Dragon Press will take care of all of the details from pre-press through customs and delivery to your door.

We make printing overseas easy and profitable for you.

Only Lead Free, Environmentally Sound, Soy Based Inks Are Used For All book Printing

We carefully select only textbook printers who use high quality paper stock and a complete palette of ink colors plus have the capabilities for four-color printing.

Artful Dragon press is a huge ‘buyer’ of Asian printing products. We have long-term relationships with the best Asian printing companies. Based on this, we can provide the best pricing and quality to clients anywhere in the world.

Fast Turnaround

Many International Textbook Printers however work rotating shifts, 24/7 and can get the book printing job done sooner while providing a high level of quality print production at better than competitive pricing.

Trust Artful Dragon Press for your book printing and binding needs, and you will never miss your deadline.

Samples of printed calendars in full color.
Examples of miscellaneous printed products.

Great Customer Service

Our Office Is Open 24/7 – When it is night-time in the U.S. it is day-time in Asia. This means you could lose several days in communicating with the factory if you send messages during the day-time in the U.S. Since we operate 24/7 we can get your message to the factory quickly, during their working hours.

We provide a 100% unconditional guarantee. There is nothing to fear when we are looking after your printing needs.   

Client references are available on request – We have a long list of client references. Most of our clients become long-term repeat-clients because of our pricing and quality service. We can provide you with lots of references... just ask!

Best Prices

You can save as much as 30 percent compared to printing in the U.S. The amount of savings is driven by the product complexity and quantity. Generally, the more labour is required, the higher your savings.  We include all shipping, customs and delivery expenses in our pricing, so there are no surprises for our clients.

Get An Asian Printing Quote

For more information and to learn how we can get tremendous savings for you, Get An Asian Printing Quote from Artful Dragon for the production of your next book, calendar, catalog or another printing project. We'll show you how to get better quality printing and service by using our Asian printers or other international printing companies.

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ReliabilitySealAs a U.S. based print broker, Artful Dragon provides quality printing for books, catalog, brochure, calendar, four color printing, etc. in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and other Asia based countries using reliable, high quality Asian and Chinese printers.