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High Quality Bible Printing At A Discount

Whether you want to print inexpensive paperback Bibles or high-quality Bibles similar to Schuyler Bibles,  Artful Dragon can help you get exactly what you want…at a price substantially lower than you would expect.

While there are many Bible printing companies, only a few Bible printers are able to produce the print quality and durability needed to satisfy a person of deep faith.

Artful Dragon will make sure your bible printing order is produced with high-quality materials to ensure they are beautiful, durable, and affordable.

Custom Bible Printing

We work with the best printing companies in the world. Since we are one of their highest volume customers, they give us the best prices and the best service. We pass those benefits to our clients.

How would you feel about getting your Bible printed with a richly textured, water-resistant leatherette cover with inside flaps to hold your bible securely in place, and a front pocket and elastic to store pens and notes?

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, you can go even further.  Whether you are celebrating First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Sunday School Graduation, or another momentous occasion, a beautiful leather Bible is a forever gift!

A row of Holy Bible books with different colored covers.
The Holy Bible opened near the middle with the ribbon across the page.
A brown Holy Bible on top of a black Holy Bible

Bible Covers

There are so many ways to customize and personalize Bible covers:

  • Children’s Bible with a colorful paperboard, cardboard, millboard or duplex board, polyurethane leather (PU), etc.
  • Bible for men – sturdy leather or leatherette cover in a black, light brown, dark brown, or a color combination.
  • Bible for women – Covers can have a wide variety of colors, embossed with gold text or engraved with a design or your choice, like a praying hands design or a cross.

Bible Paper

Paper is one of the most important features of a Bible. Legibility and usability are affected by the type of paper the text is printed on.

Not all Bible paper is the same. It comes in different levels of thickness and brightness, and each type is suitable for a different purpose. For example, we would need different paper in a Bible for notetaking than a Bible that’s made for carrying easily, or one made for preaching.

The paper has to be thin in order to fit over 700,000 words in a single volume in a manageable size. Study Bibles have a lot more words.

Unlike other books, which might be read one time, the paper in a Bible needs to be durable so that it can withstand being read multiple times for many years. Bible paper is a premium-grade paper that’s made for heavy use.

In order to get the paper to be thin enough to keep the Bibles small and to keep the paper from discoloring over time, lignin (the cell structure in the wood pulp) is removed. Titanium dioxide is added to increase opacity, which also increases the cost. The amount of titanium dioxide will also affect the brightness and contrast of the paper.

When holding the paper to the light, you’ll see less light shine through and the paper will be consistent in its formation (uneven pulp fiber). It will look smooth instead of splotchy.

In order to remain thin, the more expensive paper is coated so it doesn’t absorb moisture. It’s acid-free so it doesn’t change color over time.

Artful Dragon has access to professional bible printing companies with excellent printing and binding equipment, which can perfectly print very thin bible paper, such as 33gsm, 40gsm, 45gsm, 50gsm, 55gsm, and so on.

There are lots of high-quality papers available for Bible production and they vary in opacity, brightness, and thickness. This is why two Bibles can look vastly different just in their paper alone. Some paper is better suited to one purpose over another. To get the most out of your Bible consider what you’re using it for and then look for a Bible with the paper that’s best suited for that purpose.

An open Bible on a side table next to a lamp.
An opened red Holy Bible on a wooden table.

Other Types Of Paper For Bible Printing

  • Art paper
  • Craft paper
  • Coated paper
  • Matte paper
  • Offset paper
  • Fancy paper
  • Newsprint paper
  • Woodfree paper
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Corrugated
  •  Kraft paper
  • Special paper

Our experienced printing consultants at Artful Dragon will help you choose the right paper for your needs.

Bible Printing Based On Use

  • Language – Print in any language of your choice
  • Illustrated with four-color printing on glossy paper or a combination of papers.
  • Study Bible with note taking margins and additional pages.
  • Kids Bible with colorful images or even a coloring book style.
  • Adventure Bible with quizes, maps and intriguing illustrations.
  • Large print Bible in any font size you choose.
  • Devotional or journaling Bibles
  • One Year Bible
  • Daily Bible

Bible Binding Options

  • Hardcover
  • Paperback
  • Glue binding
  • Perfect binding
  • Saddle stitching
  • Wire-o binding
  • Sewing binding
  • Spiral binding
  • Loop binding

Flexibinding For Journaling Bibles

Flexibound books, also known as flexibinding is a bookbinding style that wraps around a book’s pages securing them in a bind a bit thicker than that of a softcover bind. It sits between paperback binding and hardback binding in terms of its structure and cost to manufacture.

The cover is made with a flexible card stock, rather than a rigid binding board, meaning that the end result is a lightweight book with a flexible cover.

The finished cover overhangs the book block, so the general appearance is similar to a hardback. In fact all production stages up to the casing-in process are the same as a hardback including sewn sections, affixing endpapers, the option of adding head and tail bands, all of which gives the end result an inherent strength.

Flexibound binding is usually one of the more affordable options in professional printing services and looks significantly better to consumers and readers, with a much higher perceived value than traditional paperbacks.

An open Holy Bible on a wooden table with a carpet below.

Leather Binding Options For Bibles

  • Goatskin leather binding
  • Calfskin leather binding
  • Calf split-leather binding
  • Cowhide leather binding
  • French Morocco leather binding
  • Genuine leather binding
  • Bonded leather binding

Other Quality Options For Bible Printing

  • Reece covers
  • Leather bound
  • Rounded cornering
  • Ribbons/ribboning
  • Gilding
  • Embossing
  • Lamination
  • UV coating

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