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Wholesale Commercial Offset Printers

Now You Can Get Quality Offset Printing In China, Asia, India, Europe & Indonesia

International commercial offset printers can save you up to 30% on your next medium to high run offset printing project.

Artful Dragon Press is an international print broker working for you...the client. We can obtain competitive discount offset printing quotes from printers in China, Asia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.

We've helped clients to print all types of soft cover books and hardcover books including Textbooks, Coffee Table Books, children's books, cookbooks and more. We also offer Calendar Printing, Journal Printing, and Catalog Printing.

We can even help you find the right international offset printers for low-cost printing of Presentation Folders, Coupon Books and maps.

Artful Dragon Press has developed strong relationships with a number of carefully chosen offset printing companies in China and other Eastern markets. Many of these commercial Asian Offset Printing Companies will work 24/7 providing fast, high-quality print production and extremely reliable service but at significant savings.

Full color corporate brochure sample.
A full color printed board book.

Why Use International Offset Printers?

Artful Dragon Press makes it easy and profitable for you at every stage, connecting you with international offset printers who provide:

  • High quality paper stock
  • A complete palette of ink colors
  • Four color process, metallic colors, varnish
    or PMS color capabilities
  • Processing files from disk
  • High resolution scanning
  • Color separations
  • Perforating, drilling and die cutting
  • Folding, scoring, foil stamping
  • UV coating, PP lamination
  • Saddle stitching or perfect binding
  • Soft or hard cover book binding

Many of these same commercial offset printing companies have been used by major Western publishers for decades.

Let Artful Dragon Press take care of all of the printing details from pre-press through to customs and delivery to your door.

You will even be provided with actual press proofs (try to get these in your local market!) and bound book samples allowing you see your end product at the proof stage!

Unlike agents that represent a particular printing company, we're a US based international print broker working for our clients. We do not work for a foreign employer. Since we are not tied to any single international printer we are able to obtain the most competitive quotes possible for our clients.

See our Site Directory for a complete overview of the many types of offset printing projects that we have brokered.

Lead free, and environmentally sound, Soy based Inks are used for all of our printing.

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ReliabilitySealAs a U.S. based print broker, Artful Dragon provides quality printing for books, catalog, brochure, calendar, four color printing, etc. in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and other Asia based countries using reliable, high quality Asian and Chinese printers.